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How to Operate Your Brain Show

A public access television show called How to Operate Your Brain, hosted by Timothy Leary from 1993, with Genesis P. Orridge.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: flameproof - - July 17, 2012
Subject: Retro Fun Stuff From Tim
Despite @nighthouse66's "meh" review and take on Kesey Vs. Leary, having met the man, read most of his books and listened to a great many of his lectures, the fact is that not only did Tim "get it", but he did so with a flair of egoism that invited participation, unlike Kesey whose egalitarianism was suspect at best (ie, he liked things confined to small, controllable groups wherein he often played a defined roll). Tim Leary put on comfortable hats, morphing his personality with the group vibe and inviting people to look further ahead than the current consensus reality might allow them to via media or The Man or "The Message". He was a pioneering feature of virtual reality on many fronts including the digital one we now inhabit on a daily basis socially and often, after sober reflection of his own actions and their consequences, brought new and positive ways of dealing with complex social issues (such as the legalization of brain-expanding drugs). To blanket "thumbs down" him is to admit you don't "get him" and that's all.

While this video isn't the most meaningful thing Tim ever did, it's fun and retro - so 3 stars!
Reviewer: splue - - March 26, 2011
Subject: was timothy leary
a big influence on Obama??

they both seem rly sharp & make great decisions!!!
Reviewer: questioning - - February 27, 2011
Subject: Now dated but still brilliant
Its great to be able to download this video. It looks dated nowadays but still retains some brilliance. The weird and ever 'evolving' Genesis P-Orridge provided the soundtrack for this film. Of course, as Leary admits, it can't really tell you how to operate your brain, but is fun to watch. Leary was past his prime by this time but the intellect was still there.

It always puzzles me that the non-issue of Leary vs. Kesy is still gets circulated.
Reviewer: nighthouse66 - - January 1, 2011
Subject: Meh.
Tim Leary never really got it. But he liked to slap his face on things, and ACT like he did. Ken Kesey, who DID get it, never proselytized, because he didn't have to. Tim Leary never took responsibility for the weight of his visions. He sat in mansions while others "turned on and tuned in and dropped out". He is at best, something of a charlatan, and worse, a saboteur. Of what? Of other people's good vibrations, that's what. He kept himself removed from the milieu- like so many latter-day so-called gurus- and isolated himself from the common man. One day he will be seen for the booby that he is. Give me Ken Kesey and his folksy, fresh air wisdom over an Ivy League Ivory Tower Dweller any day.